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Picture Scales


I’m trying to post everything that is on my website here, because it is easier to organize material into categories on this blog. I originally made these Five Finger Major Picture Scales for a very young student who was having some trouble reading notes. It was so long ago I can’t even remember who I made it for, but it is one of the most popular downloads on my web site. You can print out just one page or the whole set.  The Minor Five Finger Picture Scales  are also posted on my website,

I am a very big fan of learning all the major and minor 5-finger positions because it helps piano students in so many ways: hand position, transposition, theory, ear training; the list goes on and on. I always teach them in the circle of 5ths because later it helps with the theory. After we learn the 5-finger scales we learn cross over arpeggios in all the major and minor keys. Young students love how “big” they sound when they can do that.

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