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Rhythm Circle with 8th Notes

I have some elementary students who haven’t learned 16th notes yet, so I didn’t want to use the Rhythm Circle I posted below. Now I can use this Rhythm Circle for 8th Notes.

Some students need to experience a new concept in different ways, and this is just one more way to explain note values. As I posted on my web site, this works best if it is a guided lesson, with the teacher explaining as the student draws. Later you can ask the student to fill it out with stems going down. Drawing stems with flags going down is usually a problem for students.

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Rhythm Circle revisited

I decided my worksheet Rhythm Circle used too much ink, so I did it over this morning. I took out the background, which made it more interesting to look at,  but not really worth it in a quick handout such as this.  I also changed the colors some,  because I was never happy with my choices.

I’m working on posting this same worksheet for younger students, using 8th notes as the smallest value. I’m going to do the same thing with Rhythm Grid. Many of us are starting new students at this time and we need some more elementary worksheets.

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Sharps and Flats for the Alphabet Cards


I had a request for sharps and flats to go along with the alphabet cards that I posted here. These didn’t take too long, and I hope they will be helpful. I don’t think I will put these on my website, so be sure and print them from this site.

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Goofy Piano Card Game

I realized today that I’ve never put this Goofy Piano Card Game on my blog. It’s been one of the most popular downloads on my website. For those of you who already have printed this out from my web site, this is a rerun. But here on my blog it’s a lot easier to group thing into categories to make it easier for teachers to  choose what they want.

I made this because one day I was thinking how I could get certain students to realize that it’s not enough to know that a note is “G”, but you have to know which G it is on the keyboard. Maybe that is a failure of my teaching because we play so many duets with the students moving up or down on the keyboard that they think any “G” will do. But at some point in their career they have to know the real deal, so I came up with these flash cards and then decided to make a game out of it.

This game is for intermediate students in middle school or high school. It is too challenging for younger students. The directions to the game are on the printable you can download for free.

Although I have given some ways to play my card game,  you can certainly make up your own rules.  I tried very hard to make these the same size as regular playing cards. If you have trouble getting these to print out the right size, let me know.



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