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My New Grand Staff White Board


This is a new teaching aid in my music studio. I was searching catalogs for a music magnetic board, and I found this, the E-Z Notes board, very cleverly designed by a piano teacher. It comes with small black, red, and blue magnets that you can use for accidentals, half steps, or anything else you can think of. It is also a dry erase board, and has a black marker and a cloth to erase. The back of the board is a blank grand staff.  There are several styles available for different instruments, so if you see one in a catalog be sure and get the one with the red border. I have a catalog from a well-known company that I’m glad I didn’t use because it was the string instrument version, so be careful. Eventually I ordered it directly from the source. 

All ages of students have been very intrigued with it. My older students can use the magnets as sharps and flats to make key signatures or draw triad inversions.  The youngest ones can show notes stepping, skipping up and down. They can make 5-finger scales and then write them on the little keyboard above the staff. I have also used the black marker to practice drawing theory terms such as treble and bass clefs. It saves on paper!

I took this picture with the E-Z Notes board sitting on my piano so you could see it is an individual sized board.  The cost was $22.95 plus $5.00 shipping, but it is very durable; unless I lose the magnets it will last the rest of my teaching career.

I ordered it using Pay Pal and received it in about a week.


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