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There’s a Little Wheel A-Turning In My Heart


I have very fond memories of teaching There’s a Little Wheel A-Turning to my elementary music classes in the 70’s.  It is a soothing kind of folk song, and it seemed to calm the children down.  For the second verse we would sing, “There’s a little song a-singing in my heart.” Sometimes the classes would make up more verses and now I don’t know which are part of the folk song, and which ones we made up.

I arranged this for some of my students who wanted a Valentine song that was more challenging. I didn’t want to make it TOO challenging, because there’s only 2 weeks to Valentine’s Day. That’s why I changed the 8th notes to quarter notes in the second measure. Also, I left out the dotted eighth notes in the melody because that just makes it look too hard. However, if you’re students can do it, add them in.

For those of you who use Finale, I had trouble notating the last measure . I wanted the final F to be a tie.  I had to make a different layer to do it. Is it done correctly and clearly? It’s hard to be a one woman publishing  company. When I learned to write music, computers took up entire rooms and there was no such thing as a personal computer, much less one that you could print out your own music. I’m totally self-taught on the computer!

One final note, children now days don’t seem to know folk songs! That’s why I like to arrange them and pass them out to children.

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Bass Clef Step and Skip Cards


Here are the Bass Clef Step and Skip Cards that I have been working on.

When I made the original cards to go with the Step Skipping Game, I only made cards for the treble staff. I have been meaning to add some bass clef cards with seconds and thirds and today I finally managed to finish them.   For good measure, I threw in a few cards that repeat.

There are five pages of flash cards in this set. Be sure to set your printer to landscape view. Use card stock for durability and laminate if you use an ink jet printer so your students won’t smear the ink.

I always have a few students who have trouble quickly identifying steps and skips, so I’m going to use these as flash cards and use  some of the flash card games I’ve posted. I hope these will prove to be helpful for you.

If you want more step and skip help, I have also posted 5 note pre-reading step and skip cards here and 3 note cards here.  They are valuable for students how have having reading problems even past the pre-reading stage.


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Love Somebody, level 2

love-somebody_level2aI didn’t have plans to post this arrangement of Love Somebody, Yes I Do, because  I have already posted 2 versions, but my students have been enjoying it, so I thought I would share. If you have a young late elementary student, they might want a Valentine’s song. Like Christmas music, I wanted to arrange something they could play and enjoy right away. There isn’t much time left so I didn’t want anything too challenging. I have been using it with students in Level 2B of Piano Adventures.

There are several places in this piece that will test their sight reading skills. Let me know if they enjoy it!

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Valentine Notes



I hope you will try the game from Cecilly that I posted yesterday. I think it will be a fun activity to brighten up some of these dreary winter days.

I had a request for this Valentine worksheet and it came from one of my students. Young students love holiday inspired activities, which is why we do so many of them as school teachers.  It is starting to be a tradition that I will have notes for different holidays and she wanted to know when I was doing Valentine notes.  I was planning on making this anyway, but the time has slipped up on me. Valentine’s Day will be here very soon so I thought I’d better post this now so you can use it this week.

In making this worksheet I tried to make one that could be used with the notes somewhat in order, or mixed up, like a lot of students need. So if you do this *with* a student (and I encourage that for the young beginner) you can move up and down or you can do all the bottom rows and then all the top rows. Or you can find and circle the guide notes. Another fun way would be to make a game where someone calls out notes and students cover the hearts with candy or a token, like some of the earlier ones I made. I think Hershey Kisses would be fun in the Valentine colors you can find right now. With some of my students I plan to start with guide notes and then try to find the ones up and down from there.

I am going to laminate mine and use dry erase markers so I will only have to print out a few copies.

Let me know if you find any mistakes. I did this in a hurry to get it out before Valentine’s Day.

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