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Third set of Notes in the Fast Lane

notes_fastlane_9-12I’m posting the next set in the speed reading series,  Notes in the Fast Lane  Levels 9-12. There are four pages and this set each contains all the notes on the grand staff from bass G to treble F. They are  arranged in a different order on each page, but all 4 pages are of equal difficulty. Please note that this is different for the previous sets I published. This set was specifically made to  work on speed. I plan to use levels 9-12 by requiring a faster time to complete each level.  For example, the last level, Level 12 would have to completed in  35 seconds. This would be something the older students can do, and a challenge for the younger children to work toward.  It might be fun to have them work several years to complete all the levels.  Young children simply cannot write as fast as older children and what is a simple matter for a teen is quite difficult for younger child.

One way to use these sheets would be to devote a few weeks to doing them now and then do it again in April next year.  Keep a chart of each level and  next year they can see how they improved. I am going to make a 4 certificates for completion of each set and some kind of chart to help keep track.

I left this series very open ended so you can do whatever works with your studio. I’m sure every teacher will do it differently. If you have used them successfully in a different way, send me an email and I’ll post it here to share with other teachers. Let me know if I can use your name.

If you want to see the other sheets in the series, you can find Levels 1-4 here and Levels 5-8 here. Each set of four has a different colored border.

Many teachers have downloaded the Mother’s Day composing activity on the staff. I have had many teachers ask me for a Father’s Day activity. I’m putting a poll here to see if the majority of teachers prefer a composing activity or an Elementary level song with no composing. If you would like something for Father’s Day, please spend 2 seconds to answer this poll.

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