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Canada Day

Canada Day

There are a lot of Canadian teachers who read this blog, and they are all so nice. They email me with such nice comments,  support the site quite out of proportion to their numbers,   and I am so appreciative.  I have visited Canada and the people are good-hearted and friendly.  I am a big fan of your maple syrup and beautiful summer flower gardens.

I remember back in 1976 when I was in a small town in near the Canadian border watching a Bicentennial parade. The town was so small there was no band, so a high school in Canada sent their tiny marching  band to play in the parade. They had learned a bunch of American tunes to play just for the parade and to honor our Bicentennial. It was so sweet and I’ve always wanted to thank them.

Canada Day is July 1, close to our Fourth of July and it is a holiday like our Fourth of July, with picnics, lots of red and white,  and all kinds of summer fun.  I borrowed the format and some other things from my 4th of July pre-reading piece, but I started from scratch with the flag and the border.  I even made a maple leaf brush in Photoshop to draw the border!   

Change the fingering if you wish. Be sure and set your printer to landscape, and I hope your little students enjoy this! Let me know if I captured the feeling of Canada Day for your youngest beginning student.


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What the Worm Said to the Robin

What the Worm Said to the Robin

Last year I posted What the Robin Said to the Worm and this year I am posting What the Worm Said to the Robin. Ok, the worm is a little slow! Better late than never.

I am trying to finish up the summer binder that I plan to give my beginning students.  I want to include some simple pre-reading pieces to play,  since this is all about playing the piano.

How is your pre-school binder coming along? If you don’t have a student to use this with now,  you might want to print it anyway and start a binder for the future.  If you are like me, by the time fall rolls around you will forget where on the web you saw it!

In the poll  I posted last week, pre-reading pieces received the most votes, so in addition to this new piece, I am reposting some that are in  my student’s binder. Below are the the easiest I’ve composed.  My student just loved Right Hand, Left Hand and played it over and over! I am working on some more that I will eventually post,  but  this is a very time consuming job.  Teachers also suggested some note learning printables, and I actually have made one for the summer which I hope to post soon.  It’s not too late to take the poll.

You will find many more pre-reading and easy on-the-staff songs on my website, if you look under the Music menu and take the time to scroll down. They are scattered throughout the Music menu, and some are more difficult than others.

I am working on one like The Fourth of July (posted below) for Canada Day, so all you Canadians can check back in a few days.

If anyone has questions on  how to teach these pre-reading pieces, send me an email and I’ll  post instructions  here on my blog.

Thanks to all of you who have donated to keep my website going!

What the Robin Said to the Worm

Fourth of July

Right Hand,  Left Hand

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Drawing Notes for beginners

Drawing Notes

Here is another page to go in the preschool binder I am making. The objective of  this one is for very beginning students to learn to draw the notes they will be using in their first lessons, and be able to read or repeat  the words out loud. They might also be able to notice that the notes engraved in books look different than the notes they draw themselves.

So many times when students copy notes they try to draw the half and whole notes exactly like they look in professionally engraved music, with the thicker lines on the sides.   This slows them down when they are working in theory books and makes it needlessly difficult. I like to draw the notes by hand so they can copy them better, and that’s what I did in this worksheet.

If you are a teacher with a beginning student or a Mom helping your child, you might enjoy printing out the Fish Rhythm Cards and see if they can also learn the names of these notes, although that is not the objective of this worksheet. Use only the flash cards that are in this worksheet before you add them all, unless you are working with an older child.

Children are so different that for some students this will be all they need to learn note value names, while others will struggle all year to remember them. That is why I have a variety of methods and materials!

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Colorful Hands

Colorful Hands

Yesterday I wrote about making a binder to send home with material for preschool – 2nd grade beginners. The idea is to give them some things to do over the summer. Be sure to go back and take the poll if you want some specific things for the binder.

I promised I would post things I am going to use in my binders, so here is something you should  put before Colorful Fingers. I am not posting these things in order, so use them however you see fit. However, I do present things to students in a very sequential manner!


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