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Strawberry Notes

Strawberry Notes

The TMTA convention was  last week, and I really enjoyed myself. I saw so many old friends and made some new ones.  I talked to many publishing representatives as well as authors of the excellent piano teaching material available to us. I hope that I will find time to review some of the new music resources I learned about.

Today I am posting a worksheet to coordinate with this summer’s ladybug theme. It often takes students several years to learn to identify note names, and a little color on the page is a lot more fun. I like to work on lines and spaces separately at first, so I grouped them together.

A lot of teachers have told me their students are enjoying the “Summer Treat” set of worksheets I posted last year. If you are a new reader, the links are below.

Summer Treat Note Story 

Orange Popsicle Notes

Frozen Yogurt Rhythms

Snow Cones Signs and Symbols

Thank you for all your kind comments. It is really wonderful to be appreciated!


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