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Fly Keyboard Flash Cards


Level: Elementary

Type: Games

Sub-type: Piano Keyboard

This file has been moved to the game page. There are several ways to use these cards.

  • You can use them to play Swat the Fly like the Fly Flash Cards I posted earlier. Place the cards on a table, call out a letter, and the student swats it as quickly as possible.
  • You can play hide and seek with the cards, hiding the cards around the room. Tell your student to find the fly holding the "D", for example.
  • At a private lesson, you can ask the student to sit across the room from the piano. While you time him with your phone or a timer, he grabs the card, runs to the piano and plays it.
  • If you have a beginning group class, you could pass out the cards and let students run up and play their note on the piano.
  • In a group, students sit in a circle and pass the cards while music is being played. When the music stops, you call out a letter. The student with that card runs up and swats the key by dropping a braced 3rd finger into the correct key.

There are 2 pages to this PDF. One of the cards was intentionally left blank.



Download PDF document.