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Jazzin’ on the Soccer Field

Jazzin’ on the Soccer Field

I wrote this piece about 4 years ago for a special student and it was up on my website for a while. Recently I revised it for another student, changing some of the rhythm notation to make it easier to read. I also added some more dynamics and articulations that I had my student  play, but were not notated. After I compose a piece, the last thing I want to do is go back and add all the fingerings, articulations, and dynamics. However necessary it is, I find it very tedious and boring. I would rather just add that stuff when the student is learning it, but that certainly doesn’t help others who might want to play it!

To be honest,  I really don’t care how you articulate it as long as it has a jazzy sound. (I am not one of those jazz experts who can tell you exactly how Duke Ellington and all the other real jazz players do it. It’s hard enough to remember the different styles in classical music. )  It would be fine, too, to change things around and improvise a little.  But if  you use it in a  festival or some other judged event, you have to play it like it’s written and you really need all the bells and whistles so the judge has something to write about! ;)

I’ll leave it up for a few months, so print it now if you want it. If you printed it a few years ago, you might try this version and see which one is easier to read. If you see any mistakes or some better way I should notate it, please let me know right away so I can revise it.


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