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Bunny Note Matching Printables in Color and Black & White


Bunny Notes

Bunny Note Matching Worksheets

Maybe you remember the Bunny Bass Notes that I posted several years ago. Well, evidently my short attention span got the better of me and I never made one for the treble notes.

So, recently I decided to complete the set.  While I was at it, I remade it from the ground up. I drew a new bunny, changed the fonts, and generally updated it. I also made black line (black and white) for those of you without color printers. My daughter tells me I should not say “black and white” because printers cannot print white. I know that, but old habits die slowly. So all you young whipper snappers, please don’t laugh at my old terminology. It dawned on me that some of my material is older (pre-Windows!) than the teachers who are using it! So I am going to continue to update my older material to bring it into the 21st century.

There are four pages, 2 in color and 2 in black line. Select the pages you want before you print them. If you don’t know how to do that, or if you have any trouble printing, please check out my FAQ’s above. 

These printables have big staves and a big type face,  so they are great for  younger students. To save on printing, I suggest you put them into page protectors and use dry erase markers so you only have to print one copy. You can store them in a binder for use next year. However, I tried to design them so they don’t use a lot of ink so we can use them in our students’  binders.

I’ve posted a lot of Easter material over the years. Go to the free section, select older free resources, and start scrolling! You can also do a search on this page to find older material. There are hundreds of free printables of all kinds you can select from. Thank you so much for your very kind donations that help so much with the expenses for hosting this site!



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Easter Bunny – An On the Staff Version

Easter Bunny

I promise I will not post anymore versions of Easter Bunny! Fortunately my students aren’t getting tired of it!

This version is really good for a student in Primer or Level 1 who has just learned staccato notes and wants to try them out. And if they can play it right away, that’s even more fun for them. There are skips in this piece, so if your student needs a little help with that, let her find and circle them and practice in the air and on the piano cover.

There are 2 pages to this version and a duet that is very simple. An older sibling or parent can play along. I hope your student will have a hoppy time playing this!

Don’t forget that I have posed an Easter bunny composing printable for beginners that you can do this week, as well as many Easter worksheets. Also, here is a Passover worksheet to learn notes.  PassoverEggNotes

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An Easier Version of Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

I promised yesterday that I would post a shorter version of Easter Bunny. This version came about when I realized that I wrote the original too difficult for my preschool student. While the version I posted yesterday was great for another student, teaching preschool children often requires short songs that repeat. She was so happy to get this, just in time for the Easter bunny!

Be sure to set your printer orientation to landscape when you print this version.

One of the reasons I wrote this tune was to give students a little extra practice with the 4th finger. Beginners often get the 2nd and 4th fingers mixed up. It takes even longer for preschool children to get the concept. I have a bag of plastic rings in all kinds of cute shapes that I bought from the dollar store. She chose a color and put a ring on each 4th finger. That made the biggest difference in her ability to enjoy playing this little song. Here is a picture of the rings on finger 3. You can see how it helps to put the rings on finger 4 as they play this piece.

If you want some even easier seasonal music on the black keys that can be used at a student’s first lessons, check out my left and right hand versions of Hot Cross Buns. The left hand version is here. Children who celebrate Easter enjoy learning about the tradition of  hot cross buns. I have also posted some sacred pre-reading and level 1 versions of hymns suitable for the Easter season. You can look at them in the music section of my website,


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A Fun Pre-Reading Easter Bunny Song

Easter Bunny

I wrote a little song about the Easter Bunny in several different levels of difficulty. This is the first version. It is suitable for young beginners who are comfortable with the thumbs on the white keys. I have an 8-measure version in landscape orientation and I will post that tomorrow. I also have an on-the-staff version for students in their 2nd method book (Level 1 in most methods, Level 2 in Hal Leonard)  that I am working on. This is the reason I like to self publish. I can customize music for different levels.

To help students who get their hands mixed up, I like to highlight the right and left hands with 2 different colored highlighters. If you have never done this in their lesson book you will be surprised how helpful it is. Students enjoy picking out the colors and that adds a little motivation. (Try to find a set with purple. It’s very hard to come by!) We all have students who focus on one hand and need some extra help to get them together. Some students always get the left and right hands mixed up, as well as some adults, such as me! Simple songs like this can really help that problem before they move on to reading on the staff.

Blogging is a spare time activity for me, and I have not had time to post all the spring time material I’ve made. Sometimes things sit in my files for years before I have time to modernize, revise, and post it. Thank you for all your suggestions, and thanks for understanding! I really appreciate and have learned so much from my readers and the blogging community.

Do you find it helpful for me to highlight the hands like this? Leave a comment if you do. You may remain anonymous!


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