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Any Day Composing Sheets


Pre-Reading Composing Sheet

Grand Staff Composing Sheet

Some teachers asked me for composing sheets they could use any time of the year, without a theme. I’ve made them for every season, but I’ve never made any that can be used all year. That sounded like a good project to add to my collection!

I made two sheets, one for pre-reading students who know finger numbers, and one with a grand staff in 4/4 meter. If you are new to these, the pre-reading version is for students who have just started piano and can’t read notes very well.  This gives them something fun to do with you at the lesson or in a group.  Students write their finger numbers or note names in the yellow starbursts.  When they change hands, they have to indicate RH or LH. The grand staff version can be used many ways but most young children write a melody divided between the hands. The reason I add the rhythm is to give some structure and speed the process along.

However, if you are looking for blank staff paper for your older students or yourself, I have many different kinds and sizes here. Check out the one with the clefs and measures already written.

Staff Paper Variety Pack

Staff Paper Variety Pack

If you use any of these sheets, it would give me just a lot of pleasure to see what the students wrote. Take a picture of it or make a video of your students playing and email it to me or post it on my Facebook page. Let me know if I have permission to post it!


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Blank Staff for iPad or Print

Blank Staff for iPad

Blank Staff for iPad or Print

This is a black and white line drawing of a staff that I made especially to use on an iPad. Students can practice drawing notes, accidentals, and clefs. This document can also be printed for drawing and coloring. So if you don’t have an iPad you can still use it.

Many iPad apps have the ability to write on documents. Over the past 5 or so years I have tried out many different ones. Some have free versions for you to try out. Some allow you to record audio instructions. My suggestion is to find one you like, but be open for new features that are in different programs.

Why would you want to use a worksheet on an iPad?

  • To go paperless and save ink.
  • To store them in your iPad and save space in your studio.
  • To have them easily available when you need them.
  • It’s more fun for students.

If you are in the Dallas area and are interested in attending an interactive morning iPad workshop, send me an email and I will put you on the waiting list.



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Staff Paper Variety Pack for Students

Staff Paper Variety PackStaff Paper Variety Pack

I’ve combined all the various staff (manuscript) paper that I’ve posted over the years into one handy document. This will make it easier to locate a quick piece of staff paper when you need it. Plus, you can scroll through the PDF to find the size you want to print.

There are 6 different sizes of staff paper in this document for all ages and a size for teachers with good eyes. (not me!)  There is even a giant version with only 2 staves in landscape position for drawing clefs and notes.

I also included some staff paper that has really helped my beginning composers. It has the grand staff already drawn in. One page even has the bar lines drawn in.  This helps young students to be less intimidated about writing their own music, because it looks familiar and gives them some structure.  I tell my students they don’t have to use both clefs just because they are there! I also put lines for the name, date, and page number, because, well, every teacher knows why!

If you only want to print one size of staff paper and you’re not sure how to do it, please review my FAQ and scroll down the page until you find it. Save ink and paper and only print what you need. 🙂

This is the same staff paper I’ve always had on my site, but I’ve moved the location. There are 6 pages, and it is all in ink-saving black and white.


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Standard Size Staff Paper

Staff Paper

Staff Paper 10 Staves

This staff paper has ten staves, and it is the size I use when I compose at the piano. Your older students will prefer it to the 8 stave paper I posted yesterday. The left margin is wider so students can put it in a binder.

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