Frozen Yogurt Rhythms

Frozen Yogurt Rhythms

Frozen Yogurt Rhythms

Every summer I have a theme for printable material for my younger students.  I have a group of the cutest young students, all about the same age, and I’m making some theory sheets for them to help study for the Texas theory exam. Maybe because it is so hot, my theme this year is “summer treats”.   (Last year my theme was frogs!)

There are some great frozen yogurt shops popping up all over the place nowadays, so my first worksheet  is  Frozen Yogurt Rhythms.  This one has 4 short rhythm activities that will help students learn how to count  and maybe have a little fun.  I’ve made some more printable worksheets featuring fun treats for the summer that I am using with my younger students, and I’ll post them as I have time. I told my students that when they finish all of their summer worksheets, we will go out for a treat. I hope they choose frozen yogurt!

This weekend TMTA is having their annual convention with 3 days of non-stop recitals, workshops and presentations. I’m so excited to be able to visit with some of my favorite composers and I hope I will get a lot of new ideas to inspire me!

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4 Responses to Frozen Yogurt Rhythms

  1. Diane Conway

    Susan, once again you are my BFF!!! I am doing an ice cream challenge for my summer kids and your summer treats go right along with my theme. The students are loving it! Thanks a million! Maybe we will run into each other this weekend at the TMTA

  2. Leanne

    Love this worksheet, and I’d love to see the others ones you’ve created. I don’t teach lessons over the summer, but I plan on using this next year in June (laminated) as a waiting room activity before lessons.


    • susanparadis

      Leanne, that is a great idea, and a way to save on printing costs. I rotate a selection of laminated printables in my waiting area. Have you noticed that some of the dry erase markers erase better than others?

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