Keyboard Cards for Bats and Cats

Bat And Cats Keyboard Cards

Bats and Cats Keyboard Cards

Yesterday, when  I posted the Bats and Cats Note Game, I said I would make some keyboard cards. I had no idea there would be so many requests for the keyboard cards, really too many for me to email. So I’m posting them here. To print, select the caption below the graphic above.

After I made the cards, I noticed they are in portrait orientation, not landscape like the board game, so set your printer accordingly.

I hope your beginning students enjoy it!  And thank you so much for all the encouraging comments about this game! It is really great to feel appreciated!

Don’t forget the Bats and Cats Rhythm Game! Bats and Cats Game

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14 Responses to Keyboard Cards for Bats and Cats

  1. Shirley

    You are my new best friend!! You have helped my students already and this will really bring a smile to their faces and notes to their minds!! Bless you, bless you!!

  2. Dorothy Mullikin

    Thank you so much Susan0 You are a genius!.

  3. Dorothy Mullikin

    The keyboard cards look wonderful. However, they will not print (yes I have updated Adobe). Can you help?

  4. Susan: Thanks for all of your imaginative games and teaching aids — my students from 5 to 15 love them all…

  5. Marsha

    I just printed out a set without any problem. Susan, thank you for such wonderful games and darling graphics! You amaze me! I don’t know how you do everything. I would love to see how you keep all of these games organized. Maybe you could take a photo of your filing/organizing system for a future post. I would love to see it! 🙂

  6. Dorothy Mullikin

    It will not print. It says “a drawing error occurred.”

  7. Dewey and Susan McGuire

    Dear Susan,

    Today I had the first pages laminated and will do the same for these. Further ideas for other cards on this or other pre-reading games, based on what I have students doing.

    Say music alphabet backwards.

    Hops all the Fs and F#s, etc. or Bs and Bflats

    Thank you for excellent graphics – my husband is a graphics illustrator so I am somewhat critical on what I see other places. I like yours!!!

    Love, Susan

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for posting the good ideas, Susan. That’s how we make piano more interesting. Please don’t let your husband see my work! I’m just a piano teacher!

  8. I am. It keeps crashing my Firefox.

  9. Beverly Conway

    The Bats and Cats Keyboard Cards won’t print. Is anyone else having problems?

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