Summer Fun Music Vocabulary

Summer Fun Vocabulary Worksheets

Summer Fun Music Vocabulary

Summer Fun Music VocabularyB&W

Well, at least I tried to make it fun!  The one with the words in the center is an activity my students love for me to make. There are lots of words of summer activities mixed up with theory vocabulary, and students circle all the music words. If you have time, on the back they can group the words into categories, like dynamics or rhythm. You might want a music dictionary handy.

I made black and white as well as color versions. As a reminder, if you only use this with one student at a time, teachers often put it in a sheet protector to use with wet or dry erase markers. That makes it easy to store in a binder. Other teachers like the B&W versions because students like to color them and they cost much less to print.

I made these as a summer activity and since we have a few more weeks of summer, I hope you can use them! I also think you can use them as a back to lessons/school activity.

They are all free downloads and match the series of  Summer Treats Activities  that I’ve made so much material for over the years.

If you are looking for a game with vocabulary words, check out Music Memory Level 5B as well as all the levels on the worksheet page. Students really like memory matching games.



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6 Responses to Summer Fun Music Vocabulary

  1. Carol Woodall

    Thank you Susan! You always come up with things that help me teach a more ’rounded’ lesson! Great way to review some of those vocabulary words!

  2. Brenda P

    Thank you; these will be fun! Looks like a wee typo on the first page… I think the second option for dominant was meant to say the *fourth* note of the scale (or you could put 4th).

    • Susan Paradis

      Thanks for letting me know about the spelling. I wish I could proof better! I fixed it on the color and B&W page. You may need to reload to see the new version.

  3. Sharlene Cady

    Love these, although I wish it had said, What DID you do this summer?

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re right! I didn’t notice that. I actually made that sheet a while back and I really wanted to post it for summer camps but some other things got in the way.