Summer Treat Note Story

Summer Treats Note Story

Summer Treats Note Story

When I was a young piano student, I loved  worksheets that told stories using notes. Today I am posting one I made with the “summer treat” theme that I have been drawing all summer.  I wrote a little rhyming verse to use. Well, it sort of rhymes!

These note stores are hard to make.  I made one in February with a Valentine theme and while it was fun to draw, it took forever.   This one  was  easier since I had some experience. That is what I always tell my students when they learn something new; it is always easier the second time. I seem to relate everything I do to teaching piano! Do you do that?

I tried this worksheet out with my young students, and they liked it. Since they are young and earnest, they carefully figured out each note, rather than guess!


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6 Responses to Summer Treat Note Story

  1. Samantha Swan

    Dear Susan,

    I am a piano teacher in Scotland and have just found your website from a school resources site. I think it is fantastic! Your resources are beautifully designed, both attractive and educational too! Many thanks for sharing all your hard work! Kind Regards Samantha

    • susanparadis

      Thank you, Samantha. My students are asking me for more note stories, so if I can come up with a new one, I’ll post it!

  2. carol dawn

    This second version is great for students without English. Thanks!!

  3. Anonymous

    Susan, I just came across your website through a post on the Faber message forums…. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for all your sharing! -Jill in CA

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