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Reindeer Tracks – A Christmas Board Game

Reindeer Tracks

Reindeer Tracks

So many teachers ask me about games for older students. Here is a Christmas game board you can use with any level. You choose the cards you want to use. Students draw a card, answer the question, and roll a die to determine how many spaces to move.

Below are a few suggestions for flash cards that are on my site. Or you can get cards from some of the other great sites on the web, or even writing your own vocabulary cards.

Advancing Students

Ledger Line Flash Cards – There are enough ledger lines in this set to make it sufficiently challenging for advancing students.

Key Signature Cards – You will need key signature cards without the answer on the back, so here are some.

Rhythm Pattern Cards Set of 3 – There are several levels listed here. Set 3 is the hardest. Take a look at all the levels and download the ones you want. This has been a very popular printable!

Elementary Students and Beginning Students

Grand Staff Flash Cards – These just have notes on the grand staff.

Interval Flash Cards – There are 4 pages of intervals from unison to octave.

Individual Rhythm Flash Cards – Actually, there are rhythms of all levels in these cards. They are smaller than the Rhythm Pattern Cards above, so use the ones you like. These might be easier to manage with a game board.

Keyboard Flash Cards – These have hearts on them, but they *are* keyboard flash cards. I need to make some generic keyboard flash cards. All the ones I’ve made have designs on them.

I hope your students of all levels enjoy this game!




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Free Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Gift TagsArt Stuff Printables is a new website with really cheerful and inexpensive printables for teachers, children,  and families. The site just opened last week and they have been adding new things every day. To celebrate their grand opening, they are giving away a cute set of Christmas gift tags. Plus, they are having a big grand opening sale.  If you want some last-minute gift tags, head on over there and download them before Christmas. Click on the pictures to go to the site.


In case you’re wondering, the artist is my own amazingly talented daughter who has taught me all I know about drawing in Photoshop. The gift tag with the piano playing Santa is the same graphic used in the Santa thank you cards that are on sale. I have looked all over for piano teacher thank you cards to give to my students, and finally I asked Liz to make me a set.  Right now she is working on a New Year’s banner that can be used to decorate your piano studio, and she has plans for a lot of other things.

If you have any requests, for example wall art for your piano studio, music teacher cards, or art for your children’s room,  leave a comment on their Facebook page and she might be able to make it.

If you go to ArtStuff Printables, be sure to like it on Facebook! I know she would be thrilled if you would pin some of her art on Pinterest!

ArtStuffPrintables Logo

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Christmas and Seasonal Printables

It’s time for the yearly roundup of  Christmas and seasonal printables from my website.  If you can’t find the directions to some of these games,  do a search or ask in the comment section. To print, click on the picture, which will take you to my website. From there, click on “download” and you will be able to download and print the file.

Snowmen and Reindeer Notes

Snowmen and Reindeer Rhythm

The Snowmen and Reindeer theme  was a new set of Christmas games I designed last year.  My students loved the colorful design. There are cards for the games on my website.

Snowmen and Reindeer Intervals

Ornament Bingo

This is a game for beginners who are learning the names of piano keys.

  Christmas Note Bingo

This year I revised this fast, easy, bingo game. It is easier to read and uses less ink.

Christmas Composing Train

Beginning students write finger numbers or letter names to write their first song.

Christmas Worksheet

Christmas Notes in Random Order

Color the Chanukah Gift

Golden Menorah composing activity

Peppermint Notes

Students can use peppermints as notes or to construct key signatures.

Ornament Notes

This is a black and white printable for students to color the names of notes.

Draw the Ornaments

Students write notes on the grand staff on this printable. To save ink, place it inside a sheet protector or laminate it,  and  use a dry erase or a wet erase pen.

Gingerboy Keys

Light up the Tree

This is a (mostly) black and white printable for students to color notes on a Christmas tree according to the names of notes on the staff. It is similar to Ornament Notes, but different so siblings won’t have the same printable.

Christmas Musical Symbols Vocabulary

Students match music vocabulary to the correct answer.

Christmas Tree Vocabulary Words

This is a quick printable that is fun for group lessons.Students try to find all the music words.

Christmas Tune Challenge

Students love “name that tune” games. I find it very helpful to have a list of carols in plain view that they can choose from. You can list your carols on this printable.

Cards for Silly Sentences

This is a different kind of game for older students at group lessons. My high school students had fun and reviewed some music terms. Be sure to download the sentences found here, and use the easier cards for younger students.

If you are looking for easy Christmas piano music, go here, and scroll way down past all the Halloween music. I have posted many carols in pre-reading notation. Have fun!


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Silent Night Level 2

Silent Night

Each year I buy my students a Christmas book at their level or maybe just a little below their level. I want them to be able to learn them quickly, except for my older students who want to work on something longer.

One of my students had a book without Silent Night, so I made this for him. He was hesitant about the dotted quarter notes, but I told him to play like he sings it, and then it was fine. I have this little ditty that I sing, “The rhythm is the way the words go, yeah.”

Actually, I have plenty of time to teach him how to count, but for now I just want him to enjoy the seasonal music we all love.

When I made the art work, it had interesting textures that didn’t show up when I made it so tiny.  But at least it adds a little color.

I have a Primer/Level 1  version on my website, if this one is too hard.

Enjoy the season!


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