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Updated Primer Halloween Music

Halloween Music

Finally! I’m running a little late, but I’ve remade all the primer level Halloween music into portrait orientation so it will fit in my student’s binders! Yeah! Now it is so much easier for them to open their binders and play. And hopefully, while they have their binders opened, they will actually look at what else I’ve assigned and practice it!

These are easy enough to be used by students who have just learned to read some notes on the staff.

Two of these pieces have an autumn theme with no mention of Halloween. Those two are See the Scarecrow and Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater. So if you have students who don’t play Halloween music, you can use these.

The music isn’t new, and if you’ve been using my site for years, I’m sure you have seen these before. What is new is the portrait orientation and I’ve updated the art in 3 of them. Some of these have duets and some don’t. It depends on how much room I had on the page.

This music is very short, except for Five Little Pumpkins. If you are having a Halloween recital, they can either play the piece twice, the second time in a different octave, or they can learn 2 or 3 of them and play them as a set. For those of you who are new teachers, the easiest ones have no skips, and I’m listing those first.

Some of you have been having trouble downloading my bigger files, so I am posting these separately. I hope your students enjoy the new portrait format of these pieces!

  1. Halloween Halloween Portrait
  2. See the Scarecrow Portrait
  3. Halloween is almost Here Portrait
  4. Once Year On Halloween Portrait
  5. Peter Pumpkin Eater
  6. Hey Mr Mummy Portrait
  7. Five Little Pumpkins Revised

By downloading this free music you agree to the following terms of use:

  • This music is for your private use with piano students or family and may be performed in recitals.
  • This files may not be shared outside of your home or studio either electronically or any other method.
  • The music may not be posted on another internet site and it may not be sold.
  • The art is also protected by copyright and may not be used on other material.

Thank you!  


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Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater – On the Staff

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

Question of the Week

Dear Susan,

Will you be posting a version of Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater with notes on a staff? I would like to teach it to my daughter. 

–Anxiously Waiting

Dear Anxious,

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot to post this, even though I have a student working on it! So wait no longer, here it is! Click on the link below the picture of the music, and be sure to print it in landscape orientation.



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What Will I Say On Halloween? a beginning piece

What Will I Say On Halloween?

I wrote this for a new student right after her first lesson. She saw the all the Halloween sheet music around my studio,  and wistfully asked me if she could play a Halloween piece.  Of course I had to draw one before her next lesson because she is so darling and wanted one so badly!

Since this student is on the first pages of her book, I wrote it without notes, just finger numbers. I am sharing it with other teachers because it was too much work for just one student! She was having a little trouble with finger numbers, so I’m going to put an pumpkin ring on her 4th finger.

It is intended to be in 3 meter, played on the black keys with the left hand. The last note in each line is a dotted half note. If you tap out the rhythm on your piano cover, students will get a feel for how it goes.

So if you have a beginner or a preschool child of your own,  please feel free to use it. Maybe the ending will encourage your  students to compose their own song! What will they say at the end?


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See the Scarecrow – Primer Level

See the Scarecrow

It’s time for my yearly Halloween post,  where I post a new a Halloween song as well as remind new readers of my old Halloween material.

I wrote See the Scarecrow last year for a beginning student who was just starting to read on the staff.  The only thing that might be a little tricky is the RH thumb on D. This is a good piece to read something simple that is not in middle C position.

I had never drawn a scarecrow before and  it took forever, but it was fun and my students were happy with the way it turned out. There are a lot of noisy crows around the house this time of year, and  that’s what inspired me to jot down the song. It was interesting that some of my students did not know the purpose of a  scarecrow!

If you are looking for more beginning Halloween music, check out some of the pieces I have posted over the years. Most of them are written in both pre-reading and on-the-staff notation, so they are perfect for beginning  students. The last one is 2 pages and a little more difficult.

It’s October (finger numbers only for the first week of lessons)

Hey Mr. Mummy  (on staff with teacher duet)

Halloween is Almost Here (pre-reading)

Halloween is Almost Here (on  staff)

Halloween, Halloween (pre-reading)

(Halloween Halloween on the staff)

Once A year On Halloween (pre-reading)

Once a Year On Halloween (on staff)

Five Little Pumpkins (pre-reading, but long for a young beginner)

Five Little Pumpkins (on the staff)

Sneaky Sneakers (Level 1)




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