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Wednesday Questions: How to See Everything I’ve Posted

I’ve decided to try to use Wednesdays to answer some of the questions that my readers ask. Today’s question comes from a teacher in California:


Is there a way to see everything you have posted?


Yes, as a matter of fact, there is a way to see everything that is currently available.

If you go here:


you can scroll down through everything. The first material you scroll through will be almost 100 pages of  piano music,  most of it beginning level, but don’t get discouraged. Just keep scrolling and you will get to the games and teacher aids. Certificates, calendars, assignment sheets, and teacher business items are at the very bottom of the page.

Each item has a SP number, for example,  SP150, so if you have a question about an item, it helps me if you use that number.

If you only want to look at, for example, games, select and click on Games at the top of the webpage, and then select and click on ALL.  You will see all the games I currently have available.

Some of the pictures you see when you scroll down are not quite accurate, because there are times I update the PDF that you print out, but I don’t have time to post a new tiny thumbnail image. Since my website is a free service I offer as a gift to the piano teaching community, I don’t have time to update it all. I would rather spend that time making new things!

Don’t forget you can use the search engines, and the category pages that you see on the right of this blog post.


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