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More Pre-reading Music Bundle


Pre-reading Piano Music Set 2

Pre-Reading Piano Set 2

The set I’m posting today has 5 more pre-reading pieces. Several of these pieces are about back to school. Two have never been posted or shared on my website, so today is their debut! The other ones I’ve posted before, but I’ve revised them to portrait orientation to use in binders.

One of the new ones is The Golden Rule. If you notice any similarities to Red Light, Green Light,  or Right Hand, Left Hand, and other pieces I wrote, well, it is on purpose.

You see, I had little 4-year-old who just loved Red Light, Green Light. For an entire year he played it over and over. So I started writing new lyrics and drawing different art using the same notes in order to expand his “repertoire.” Of course he loved those, too.

Here’s the run down of today’s bundle.

  1. It’s October is the easiest of the set.  There are no notes,  just left hand finger numbers. I wrote it to give one on my students more experience in “floating” down the keyboard.
  2. Snail, Snail is a traditional children’s song and is the only one in the set I didn’t write. Brace the 3rd finger with the thumb and drop into the keys. Moms and Dads, don’t let your child poke at the key or play with stick fingers.
  3. Play The Golden Rule with firm finger tips and alternate between the left and right hand. The yellow section is hands together.
  4. T-Ball is for fingers 2, 3, and 4 on CDE. Keep the hands in a rounded position, drop into the keys, and keep that thumb forward, not dangling off the keys. It’s fun to wrap their fingers around a ball to show a nice rounded hand position. I have some mini promotional sports balls that I’ve collected over the years. They are good for little hands.
  5. Back to School is the twin to T-Ball. It uses CDE only, with fingers 2, 3, and 4, and is a great way to start learning the names of the white keys.

If you like these, check out my other post with 5 different pre-reading pieces.

If you’re able, please consider making a donation to help maintain the site. To those who support us, thank you! Your help is what maintains this site, which is dedicated to piano teachers who want to continue the legacy that has been passed to us.




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Pre-Reading Music for Young Beginners Bundle


Beginners Music

Pre-reading Piano Set 1

Summer is winding down, school is starting back, and for piano teachers that often means new piano students. I remember when I was a classroom music specialist.  I had a guitar and students would wildly raise their hands to request their favorite songs and bob up and down with excitement. Children love music. So when piano students sit on my bench, I try for that same kind of enthusiasm. But piano is a lot harder for children, no doubt about it. What can I do to make them as enthused about piano lessons as they were when I pulled out my guitar for a sing-along? And can I share my ideas with other teachers around the globe? That is why I started this blog.

If you’re looking for some pre-reading music to use with your beginners, here are some old favorites of mine. They were originally made in landscape orientation, which allowed me to make the score larger. I’ve updated them, because parents kept telling me how hard it was to play sideways pages in a binder. I agree! So I am gradually revising all my pre-reading pieces from landscape (sideways) to portrait view. It takes a lot longer than you may think, which is why it is a gradual project. It is almost like starting over because I have to resize everything before I move it around.  But it is so much easier to use in a binder that it’s really worth it for my students. And in the spirit of sharing, I’m offering these to you, too.

If you want to see the landscape versions, go here to my old site, scroll down, and click the page numbers at the very bottom.

These pieces can be used at the first lesson, depending on age and ability,  and are appropriate for ages 4 to 7. All of them are on the black keys, which means students do not have to know the names of the keys. Only fingers 2, 3, and 4 are used. The two easiest ones are What the Robin Said to the Worm and What the Worm Said to the Robin.

The five pieces in this set are:

  • Red Light, Green Light – color coded to show which hand to use.
  • What the Robin Said to the Worm – No notes on this one, only finger numbers.
  • What the Worm Said to the Robin – This is the partner to the previous piece, using two fingers.
  • Hot Cross Buns – 2 pages, one for each hand on the black keys.

If you have some pre-reading favorite of mine that you would like me to re-do in portrait,  post the name of the piece in the comment section here, and I’ll put them at the top of my list!

Please follow my terms of use. I own the copyright. You may print these for private piano teaching or personal use. They may not be sold or redistributed by any means, including file sharing or posting on the internet. 


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Wednesday Questions: How to See Everything I’ve Posted

I’ve decided to try to use Wednesdays to answer some of the questions that my readers ask. Today’s question comes from a teacher in California:


Is there a way to see everything you have posted?


Yes, as a matter of fact, there is a way to see everything that is currently available.

If you go here:


you can scroll down through everything. The first material you scroll through will be almost 100 pages of  piano music,  most of it beginning level, but don’t get discouraged. Just keep scrolling and you will get to the games and teacher aids. Certificates, calendars, assignment sheets, and teacher business items are at the very bottom of the page.

Each item has a SP number, for example,  SP150, so if you have a question about an item, it helps me if you use that number.

If you only want to look at, for example, games, select and click on Games at the top of the webpage, and then select and click on ALL.  You will see all the games I currently have available.

Some of the pictures you see when you scroll down are not quite accurate, because there are times I update the PDF that you print out, but I don’t have time to post a new tiny thumbnail image. Since my website is a free service I offer as a gift to the piano teaching community, I don’t have time to update it all. I would rather spend that time making new things!

Don’t forget you can use the search engines, and the category pages that you see on the right of this blog post.


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Search and Find Bass A

Search and Find BassA

Search and Find Bass A

Last week I posted the Alligator song to help learn bass A. Here is the Search and Find game to go along with it. Of all the songs like this I wrote, my students like the Alligator one the best!

I decided to change the layout for the bass clef notes. Allie the alligator is at the bottom. All the bass clef Search and Find games will use this new graphic layout with the new keyboard border I drew. I hope you like the change. Yes, I draw everything; all the clip art, borders, even the background textures. That’s why it takes me a while to get things posted. 

This is the sixth printable in a series of “Search and Find” games. I have already posted Search and Find Middle CSearch and Find DSearch and Find E,  Search and Find F, and Search and Find G. Rather than post the directions and objectives again, new readers can go here for Search and Find C and read up on how to play this game.

If you come up with a good idea to use with these Search and Find Games, be sure and leave a comment here, on Facebook, or even send me an email. I like to try different ideas because it keeps the games fresh for students!

Bass B Bear is coming soon. Can anyone guess what the bear will be doing? I asked my students and they all guessed correctly!


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