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Let’s Play Ball Worksheets

Lets Play Ball Worksheet

Lets Play Ball Worksheets

I made the Let’s Play Ball worksheet a few years ago for a student who loved baseball. The original one I posted was for piano keys only, and while I actually tried to make a staff version at the same time, I found it almost finished, abandoned and forgotten in my computer files. I finished it up because I have a student who just tried out and made a new baseball team and I thought he would enjoy this way of reinforcing note names. The instructions are to draw lines to connect the notes or keys to the alphabet letters.

These worksheets use some ink, which is why I like to use my iPad for handout like this. They both work really well on an iPad because all the student has to do is draw lines to connect the alphabet letter to the note on the staff or the piano key. Another ink saver is to make one copy and put it in a sheet protector and then use dry or wet eraser markers. I like the sheet protector idea because they are easy to store in binder.

I want to mention to my long-time followers that I have been trying to get all my material listed in a way to make it easier to find.

If you select the Free tab at the top a new page will open.  Click on Newer Free Resources and scroll down to select the type of items you want.

I have finished moving all my old games to the “Game” page. There might be some floating around somewhere that I’m trying to find and add. Most of the holiday pages, except for holiday sheet music, is finished so you should be able to see almost all of the Valentine and St. Patrick’s day material.

 Now I’m working on the “Worksheet” page and I think it will take me a long time. Eventually I hope to get all the music and teaching aids from the old site moved over. If you find a broken link, please let me know so I can fix it.

When a site has as much material as this one, it can be hard to find things. What I do is a Google search such as: Susan Paradis fly flash cards. Google seems to do a better job than the search engine on my blog! I also have a Pinterest page where there are boards for all my material.


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New Theory Worksheets for Theory Tests

I recently made some handouts for the changes in the TMTA theory test. The first one here is for 3rd grade. The other two are some big changes in the 4th grade test. These basic theory concepts can be used for all music students, even if they don’t take a formal theory test.  Click on the link below the image to print the tests.  These can also be used on an iPad. Let me know if you find any mistakes!


Interval Stars


Theory Stars  New in the Texas Theory Test for Grade 4

Star Theory

Whole Step Half Step Stars




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Fun With Frogs: Fingers and Hands

Fun With Frogs-Fingers and Hands

Fun with Frogs: Fingers and Hands

A teacher emailed me the other day asking if I have anything on my site for new students to use during the summer.

Well, it just so happens I have a young student who will be starting lessons this fall. So I have been working on a giant bundle of kindergarten through 2nd grade fun sheets. They can by use by students before they begin lessons or at their lessons.  All of these lessons use a frog theme. I’ve used Mr. Frog before, but this time I’m adding a lot more. My goal is to touch on everything a new student learns in the first few lessons, as well as some note practice for students who need it.

My young students love Mr. Frog and his friends Miss Frog and Freddy. The frogies love to hang around their pond in flip-flops and practice stepping and skipping on the lily pads. They travel, too. They were recently seen in the English countryside, where they were busy working on UK versions of their rhythm sheets. They have finally learned crochets and minims, but they are a little confused about demisemiquavers!

You might notice that I’ve posted some of these previously. However, they have all been updated with new matching fonts and in some cases, I drew new art. I tried to minimize the ink but still keep them cute. I’ve used red for the right hand and blue for the left hand.

Today I am posting the first 4 pages, which focus on finger numbers. Here are a few ways to use them:

  • Email them to your student’s Mom so she can work on these during the summer.
  • Use them at with as a Frog theme for summer lessons.
  • Use them at summer music camps.
  • Use on an iPad or mobile tablet.

If you think of any other ways, let me know!

I plan to post more frog related activities including the UK rhythm ones, so stay tuned!



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A Game to Learn Middle D

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle 1

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle 2

[Updated: To make it easier, all the Animal Alphabet Search & Find pages are now in two bundles. Bass B to treble G and in bundle 1, and Bass C up to A (below middle C) are in bundle 2. There are 12 pages total.]

Today I am posting the second in a series of “Search and Find” games. A few days ago I posted Search and Find Middle C. Please go to the link for more directions. This game is for young beginners who are just starting to learn notes on the staff. Students will notice that the D for dog is the same drawing as the dog in D is for Doughnuts that I posted a little while back. The student that I made this for cannot read. But she is learning her sounds, and made the D sound for dog. I love it when I can combine a little language arts and math into piano lessons. The song D is for Doughnuts (which unapologetically uses only one note, but has a teacher duet) can be used along with this game. My student loves to cover all the D’s with our magnetic bingo chips wand. As soon as I get the games for E, F, G, B and A made, I’ll post them. Please, if you have a blog, feel free to post a link, but do not post the actual picture or re-blog this post.

Help me out. Do you think I need a song that uses just C, with no G on it, and G song with only one note?  I have been using Pat the Cat Patting Song and teaching C and G together. It works for me, but I am curious what other teachers think. Take this quick poll. It is totally anonymous. 


  • Search and Find D (free printable from my website)
  • Magnetic bingo chips to use with a magnetic wand, or other game tokens you have on hand


  • Print the game board
  • Place bingo chips next to the game board
  • Instruct the student to find and cover all the middle D’s

Directions for other ways to use the game

  • Play using a timer and make it a game to see how fast the student can cover the middle D’s.
  • Laminate the game board or place into a sheet protector and let the students circle the middle D’s with a dry erase marker.
  • Print a copy for the student’s binder and ask the student to circle all the D’s with their favorite color crayon.
  • Hand the student note flash cards (such as the Fly Flash Cards) one at time. If the card is a D, they cover it with a bingo chip. After they see the card, they give it back so you will have enough D’s to cover them all.


  • To learn how to visually identify middle D on the staff
  • To improve fine motor skills in the fingers by picking up the small game tokens


  • Preschool and early elementary ages



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