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Bats and Cats Note Board Game

Halloween Board Game

Halloween Board Game – 7 page file includes staff flash cards, keyboard flash cards, and back for cards

One of the reasons I started making my own games years ago is because I couldn’t find any affordable games for piano students that could be played in 5 minutes.  I need games that don’t take longer than going through flash cards.

After I made the LadyBug game and discovered how much students like it yet how well it helps students learn notes, I started making variations of it for different times of the year. [If you would prefer some Fall games without the Halloween theme, you will find them on the Halloween/Autumn page here. I’ve also made a lot of Thanksgiving games.]

But I added a twist to this version: The Card of Doom!

I originally posted this several years ago without the keyboard flash cards which are posted above in a separate file. You can use the other cards along with it. When I plan to use this game I post a sign on my door that says, “Beware the Card of Doom.” Of course my students know it’s just a joke.

The original file contains 7 pages:

  • The board game
  • The keyboard flash cards
  • Three pages of flash cards
  • Fun directional cards, including the Card of Doom
  • The optional colorful back

How to Print

  • Download and save the file.
  • For a fabulous looking game board, use photo paper and laminate.
  • Insert photo paper to print the game board. When the print box opens up, under “Pages to Print” select “Pages.” In the dialog box, type “1” because you are only printing the first page. Set it aside to dry.
  • Insert card stock to print the cards. Under “Pages to Print” select “Pages” again and type “2-6.” If you can only print one page of card stock at a time, type a different number for each page.
  • To print the optional back of the flash cards, re-insert the printed card pages so that you will be printing on the back. Under “Pages to Print” select “Pages” and type “7” because it is the 7th page that has the colorful back. [To keep from wasting ink, be sure you know how to do this. See my FAQ. ]

Game Instructions

This game can be played with students only, or teacher and student. The players take turns drawing cards and moving to the correct alphabet name. Mix up the note cards with the instruction cards.  The game is over when a player draws any note card after the last D. I try to make sure the students win more than they lose, so sometimes I have to get creative!


  • To reinforce or learn note names on the staff
  • To learn the word “octave.”


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Kandy Keys

Kandy Keys

Kandy Keys

Linda suggested a fun way to practice key signatures. She gave her students a bag of candy corn and they would use them to place key signatures. I like the way she said she would magically change them from sharps to flats. Teaching children is so much fun!

At first I thought I would make this up for next year because it’s kind of late for Halloween, but I notice that teachers are downloading my Halloween stuff like mad this week, so maybe this will reach a few teachers who would like one more Halloween activity. Besides, you can do it next week when candy is on sale. 🙂

I want to do a Christmas worksheet like this, and maybe also one to put notes on the staff.  Does anyone have an idea for candy that would fit this size staff and is not too messy?


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