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Halloween and Fall Pre-reading Music

Halloween PreReading Music

I’ve finally completed some of my older pre-reading Halloween pieces in portrait format. When I did this last year with the on-the-staff Halloween and Christmas music, I thought it was going to be so easy to rotate them from landscape to portrait. Well, it was not as easy as I thought. I had to start all over from the beginning. The only things I didn’t have to re-do was my drawings. However, the benefit is that we can put the pages in a binder without having to take it out to play or awkwardly turning their binder sideways.  My parents and students really appreciate the portrait orientation, and I hope you do too! At the bottom of this page there is a link to the same pieces on-the-staff.

[Edited: I’m sorry to say I made some mistakes when I remade some of the pieces.  I’ve tried to fix them all. Thank you so much for letting me know!]


What Will I Say on Halloween?

What Will I Say on Halloween

It's October

It’s October

Halloween Halloween

Halloween Halloween PR

Halloween Is Almost Here

Halloween Is Almost Here

See The Scarecrow PR

See The Scarecrow PR

Hey Mr. Mummy

Hey Mr. Mummy PR

Once A Year On Halloween

Once A Year On Halloween PR

Five Little Pumpkins_PR

Five Little Pumpkins PR

Don’t forget most of these are also available as on-the-staff versions!

Halloween Music • 7 Primer Songs

Updated Halloween Music



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Three Halloween Pre-reading Sheets

Once a year on Halloweenprereading

Once a Year On Halloween


Halloween is Almost Here_PreR

Halloween Is Almost HereHalloween, Halloween

Halloween, Halloween

A few months ago I took these off my website because I wanted to fix them up, change some things around, and add key names over the rhythm notes. Well, I’ve finished them and here they are! These were a big hit with my students last year. If you have some beginning students who like to play Halloween pieces, try them out! I also have versions of these “on the staff” if your student is past the pre-reading stage. You can get them on my website.

I had every intention of adding teacher duets, but I just have not had time. So this will give you a good chance to improvise, if you’re not inclined to do that. Just play some perfect 5ths in the right key, and before long you will be making up your own teacher duet!

To print these,  click on the titles which will take you to my website. From there click “Download”.  They are free for you to print out  for your students to enjoy.

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