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Interval Bingo Game

Interval Bingo Game

If I haven’t said it recently, thank you so much for your emails and comments. For those of us who like to share our material, your feedback is greatly appreciated. And to those of you who support my blog, thank you so very much!

I like material that can be used more than one way, so that is how I designed this interval bingo game. Worksheets and theory books are useful, but students enjoy games more and retain concepts better when playing a game or some other hands-on activity. Well, at least that has been my experience! You can play the short version of this game in less than 5 minutes.

There are 4 pages in this printable, two pages of bingo cards and 2 pages of calling cards. Print all the pages in landscape orientation. If you do not want to use the calling cards, print only the first 2 pages.

I had a lot of fun designing the graphics for this game. I hope your students enjoy it!


  • Interval Bingo Game printable cards, cut in half
  • Calling cards, cut up
  • Bingo chips or tokens to cover the squares (magnetic wands are fun!)


  • For a quick game In a private lesson, the student and teacher alternate selecting calling cards from the stack and covering the correct interval with a bingo chip. The goal is to cover three squares in a row in any direction.

  • At a group lesson, play “blackout” where students cover all the squares on their card. When the calling cards are used up, shuffle and re-use.
  • For ear training, the teacher can play the intervals and the students put a bingo chip on the correct interval.
  • Students can sing the intervals.


  • To learn to quickly Identify diatonic intervals on the grand staff


  • Late elementary students


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