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Folded Recital Program Cover


Folded Recital Cover

Today I am sharing one of my contemporary recital covers that I made a few years ago.  It is very simple and does not use much ink, which is what I try to do when I make a cover. This is the outside graphic. On the inside you can print your own program.

When I used this cover at my recital a few years ago, I used black ink on bright yellow paper. I love color, but some years ago I inherited a giant box of very nice paper in lot of colors, enough to make recital programs for years to come. However, for anyone who wants to print in color, I made a teal colored version just for you. It looks fine in black ink on white paper, too. I haven’t tried it, but it might look nice on blue/gray parchment paper.

If you want to put your studio name and date on the front, here is a quick tutorial.

  • Print out a copy of my PDF cover. Insert it back into your printer. If you are not sure which side to insert, test it out on scrap paper before-hand. Printing in landscape orientation can be tricky.
  • Open a new document in Word using landscape format.  For 8.5 x 11 inch paper, set a tab to the right at about 6 inches and scroll down about 7 to 7.5 inches. Type your studio name and date. Ideally, align the right side to the “R” in Recital.
  • If you are using the blue colored treble clef, a shade of gray makes a nice looking font for your name and date. Or, you might even be able to match the blue. Use black ink if you’re printing the black graphic.

Below is a photograph of a cover I made using the directions above.  This is not my actual recital program, but one I made to check if  my instructions were correct. :)

RecitalCoverPhoto copy


When it comes to cyan or aqua, it is impossible to print on paper the shade of blue on your computer screen. Plus, every printer is a little different. The aqua colored treble clef looks dark teal when I print it out, not the shade you see on your screen.

Here is a little help with the inside of your recital program. In your word processing program, find the columns tab. It is usually in the Page Layout, Page Set Up, or Format menu.  Make two  columns on your page with a 1 inch center margin. Set the outside margins at .5 inch. When you fold it, you should have half-inch margins on each side. At this point, I add a 3 column table but you can also use tabs.

Traditionally, the music title is on the left, the student’s name in the middle, and the composer’s name on the right margin.

My blogging colleague Joy Morin has posted many beautiful programs over the years, and hers are interactive! So go over to her site if you want to see some different programs.

For those of you with A4 paper, I’m not sure what margins to use, so maybe someone can help me out with that!



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St. Patrick’s Day Material

Here are some St. Patrick’s Day printables for elementary age students that I’ve made over the years. There is nothing new here, but I’m posting it for new readers.  To download, click on the link below the picture, not the picture itself.

Clover card1

Clover cardOpen2

St. Patrick’s Day Card for your students

I used these last year and my student’s loved them! The are little shamrock cards that fold up. I add a gold foil covered chocolate coin inside! If you don’t have green paper, use some stickers or decorate with green markers.

Shamrock composing activity

Shamrock composing activity

Let’s Go Marching is a pre-reading activity that even beginners can do. Use either finger numbers or note names.

Shamrock composing_blank staffLet’s All Go Marching, a composing activity on-the-staff

This is the same composing activity as above, but designed for students who have learned a five-finger hand-position and can draw notes.

Shamrock kyboard note_raceShamrock Keyboard Game

This is one of the best games for learning piano keys. it is even good for older students. I’ve made this game with designs for all the seasons, and this one works well for St. Patrick’s Day.

ShamrockNotesShamrock Notes for St. Patrick’s Day

This is good way for beginning students to practice writing all the notes on the grand staff. I’ve learned that if students discover that notes on the staff just move up the alphabet, they are less fearful about learning them.

Shamrock rhythmsShamrock Rhythms Game

Last year I re-made the graphic of this game because my original used a ton of ink. But you only have to print out one copy.  Students draw cards to find missing rhythm values in a measure. There are some circle shaped cards to cut out. It is game for older elementary students who are comfortable with note values. It also can be used as a theory class game or file folder game. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.

CloverFullONotesClover Full of Notes Rhythm Worksheet

This is a worksheet, so you can print one copy of this and either laminate it or place it inside a sheet protector and use dry erase pens. I made this as a review for students who have already learned rhythm values. This also looks fine printed in black in with no color. Does anyone want an outline only copy they can color in group lessons or music class?  Let me know and I’ll try to make one.


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Let’s Play Ball

Let’s Play Ball

I have made a lot of worksheets to help students learn piano keys, but I have not made one for baseball. I have one little guy who just loves the game so I made this for him. In order to save paper and make it more fun for students, I designed it big enough to use on an iPad. If you don’t  want to use this on a mobile device, print it out just as you usually do. Be sure to print in landscape orientation. Don’t try to click on the picture above, because that will just pop up a low resolution image that is only for illustration purposes and it does not look good in print or a mobile device. Click the heading under the picture and it will take you to my website where you can print it.

If you want to try it on a mobile device, here is one easy way to download this into Skitch, a free app for Apple and Android.

Directions for using the Skitch app

  1. Using your iPad, open the Skitch app. On the home page there are several icons on the top row. Select “Web.”
  2. When the next window opens, there will be a place to type in an address. You will have to open the typing tool. Type in www.SusanParadis.com  (do not use the address for this blog)
  3. Select “Worksheets” and scroll way, way down the page until you see number SP614, Let’s Play Ball. Select it and then select “Download”. This opens the Let’s Play Ball printable, but you are not going to print it.
  4. Turn the iPad to landscape orientation (sideways). Using two fingers, center the graphic exactly like you want it.
  5. Click the camera icon on the top left side of the app.  Skitch saves the graphic and places a tiny icon of it on the home page for future use. You cannot change my graphic (other than crop it or zoom in or out), but you can draw or type all over it.
  6. Now the student can use the arrow or pencil tool and draw a line from the keyboard to the correct letter.
  7. The trash can icon at the bottom of the left hand side will clear the graphic of any marks your student makes so that it will be ready for your next student. The third icon down on the left side is the “send to” tool. You can send it to a parent to show them how much your student is learning!

If you want more info on how to use Skitch, see my 2 posts from this past summer.

Disclosure: I have no connection to Skitch whatsoever, nor does the company know I recommend the app, but I’ve found this one is good for piano lessons. I wanted an app that was easy to use and didn’t take much time to learn, and Skitch is my favorite. Leave a comment if you have a favorite app to use with your students. If you like my printables, please go to my Facebook page Susan Paradis’ Piano Teaching Resources and “like” it!


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Cute Certificate for Completing Fishy Scales

Fishy Scales Certificate

When your younger students learn their 5-finger scale patterns, reward them with this colorful certificate!

I made this last year when a teacher asked me if I had a certificate for my Fishy Scales. I didn’t have one, but I thought it was a good idea, so I made one!

I’m not quite sure why I never got around to posting this when I made it, but here it is now.

The nice thing about this certificate is that you can not only use it to go along with the Fishy Scales,  but really for anything, since it is blank.

If you are looking for something for your older students, check out this different technique certificate I posted several years ago for older students.

Be sure to set your printer to landscape mode. Try setting your printer to 2-up, which will print 2 on a page and save some paper and ink.

I hope your students enjoy the fishy scales certificate!


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