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Valentine Composing Printable for Beginners

Valentine Composing Activity

Valentine Composing Activity

Some years ago I posted a black and red version of this. As it happens with a lot of old material, I  forgot about it until it started showing up on Pinterest. It looked rather dated and I didn’t like it anymore.  I decided to do a makeover by adding more colors and flowers.

This is a fun Valentine’s “gift” for students to give to a special adult, especially if they can play it for them!


  • To compose a melody to a familiar Valentine rhyme
  • To review finger numbers


  • Pre-school to about age 7


  • The printable
  • Pencil
  • Piano keyboard


  • Students place their right hand on the keys with the thumb or index finger on middle C
  • Starting on middle C, they make up a tune and write the correct finger numbers or letter names in the hearts
  • The tune sounds better if it starts and ends on C
  • Alternatively, students can use their left hand, the black keys, or use another position, such as G
  • Help younger students with the writing

Why I Like This Activity

  • It helps students become more interested in composing


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Easy Valentine Piano Music

Valentine Music_Revised

This post has links to all of the Valentine music currently on my website.

Remember last year when I posted these links?  Well, as some of you know, I’ve been trying to revise all my pre-reading and primer level music to vertical (portrait) orientation, rather than horizontal (landscape). The reason I put this level in landscape in the first place is that there is more room for big notes. But it is so hard to use in a 3-ring binder! I’m determined to eventually remake all of my landscape scores!

Question of the day: Do you like the borders I draw? Do you think they add something, or do they make it harder to print. I’m just curious what other teachers think.

Valentines Day PR  – pre-reading with finger numbers only, on the black keys.

Roses are Red – pre-reading with finger numbers only, on the black keys.

Chocolate Valentines Pre-reading version is played on the white keys using all the fingers.

Chocolate Valentines On the Staff  came about because one of my students saw the pre-reading version and asked me to make one for her on the staff. We made it longer by playing it several times, each time in a different octave.

Here are the rest of the Valentine’s Day folk songs from my website that that I have arranged in various levels.

Love Somebody, Yes I Do – Late Elementary (with 8th notes)

Love Somebody, Yes I Do – Primer Level (5-finger position on the staff)

Love Somebody, Yes I Do – Pre-reading

There’s a Little Wheel A-Turning in My Heart –  Early Intermediate (lots of hands together and some finger substitutions)

Below is the graphic I made last year. All the music on the left is now in portrait orientation!

8 Valentine Pieces

8 Valentine Pieces




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Chocolate Valentines and other Valentine Piano Music

Chocolate Valentines pre-reading

Here is a little Valentine’s piece for your beginning students who have learned how to use all 5 fingers. It’s very easy because there are no skipping notes. It is good for sight-reading because the second line is a little harder for them.

I have several students who are beginning readers and I wanted to re-use my graphic, so I made an on-the staff version.

 Chocolate Valentines on-the-staff

If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day material, a few years ago I posted several arrangements of folk songs we sang when I taught school, as well as some Valentine themed activities. The links are below:

Love Somebody Pre-reading

Love Somebody Primer (on-the-staff)

Love Somebody Level 2 (8th notes and some hands together)

There’s a Little Wheel a-Turning in my Heart (late elementary)

Write a Valentine’s Song (a composing activity)

Valentine Notes (a worksheet to write notes on a grand staff)

Valentine Note  worksheet  (draw lines to connect notes to the staff)

Rhythm Heart Beats (for dictation)

More Rhythm Heart Beats

If you want to keep up with other Valentine’s Day material I may post, you can subscribe to this Word Press blog at the top. It is completely private and you can unsubscribe any time.



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