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Rhythm Hearts

Rhythm Hearts Beats

Rhythm Heart Beats


More Rhythm Heart Beats

I am re-posting Rhythm Heart Beats and More Rhythm Hearts in case you would like to use them this week because  they look very “Valentine-ish.”

I first published them in August,and if you scroll back to then, or look in the Rhythm category on the right, you can read how I use them to teach rhythmic dictation. If you don’t have time to go back and read those posts, here is a quick review. The Kodaly Method teaches the difference in beat and rhythm by using a “heart beat” as an example of a steady beat. Rhythm is “the way the words go” and eighth notes are “two sounds on one beat.” When I used to teach in  a group setting I would use a felt board,  but now I teach individual lessons, so I made these worksheets. If anyone would like me to elaborate on how to teach rhythm to children, let me know and I’ll do a longer post on it.

Young children and beginners can use the first sheet,  with one measure, and older students will be able to take 2 measure dictation. Don’t let your students learn how to play the piano without knowing how to take rhythmic and melodic dictation. You never know what they may want to do with their music education in the future. Even if they haven’t learned to play 8th notes in their piano music, they are fully capable of learning the concept!


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More Rhythm Heart Beats

More Rhythm Heart Beats

More Rhythm Heart Beats – in 4/4

More Rhythm Heart Beats in Three

More Rhythm Heart Beats In 3/4

This is part two of Rhythm Heart Beats. Once a students understands the concept of eighth notes and rhythmic dictation, it is easy to move to two measure rhythmic phrases. All they have to do is keep pointing to the hearts as you tap the rhythmic phrase. If your student has trouble, you can fill in part of the phrase before hand, or the entire first measure. Sometimes I do the first measure several times and pause and then the second measure several times and pause. When the student finishes writing I do both measures again. If your students take music exams such as the Texas State Theory Test, this is a good worksheet to get them started on the rhythmic dictation part.

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