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Crotchets, Quavers, and Minims…Oh, My! Worksheets With UK Vocabulary

UK WorksheetsPP-2

[Ed. I will use this post to list all past and future material with British terminology, as well as the material in the graphic above.]

Sometimes I forget that not every English-speaking person uses the same music vocabulary. Thanks to some help from a British teacher, here are some of my rhythm worksheets that I have re-made using crotchets, minims, quavers, and semibreves.  I also changed measure to bar, staff to stave, and the spelling of yogurt. I hope I haven’t made any mistakes because a lot of this was new to me!

When you open a file, you do not have to print each page. Print only what you need. Check out my FAQ if you do not know how to do this.

UK Rhythm Worksheets is a colorful set of 5 beginning level worksheets.

UK Memory Games  is a set of matching games. There are two games in this file, both for beginners. One features rhythm values and the other has basic vocabulary words. Cut them out and place the cards face down. Students (or student and teacher) take turns turning 2 cards up, trying to find a match. You can read more about how to play these games on my website, such as this page.

UK Rhythm Review is a set of 6 levels of rhythm worksheets. This is a good way to find out how much transfer students know or use as a review.

UK Grand Staves is a set of color and black and white grand staves. Two have the notes written in, and two are blank so students can write in the notes.

UK Rhythm Round About Game Cards go with the Rhythm Round About Game. This is a GREAT game to teach rhythm vocabulary. It’s very colorful and uses lots of ink, but beginning students love it.

I included the UK in the name of the files so it would help you distinguish which ones are new. I hope all my friends from around the world who use these terms will find these printables useful.

Now I really wish I had a pot of tea and some scones with clotted cream and jam!




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I Can Count Rhythm – a Beginning Worksheet

I Can Count RhythmsI Can Count Rhythm

Today I am posting the second worksheet in my “I Can” series for young beginners. My last post was I Can Write the Music Alphabet. The one I am posting today reviews rhythm. I think that it is also big enough to use on the iPad.

As with all of my worksheets, this is free for personal use. In order to print, click on the picture or the link below the picture. That will take you to another page, where you will select “download”.

I am working on a worksheet like this for rests, so hold on and I’ll post it this week. Meanwhile, don’t forget these fun rhythm games for the younger set: Quarter Note Hunt, Fish Rhythm Matching CardsRhythm Round About, and Counting Up the Mountain. Average age beginners will learn rhythm values quickly with the black ink Rhythm Memory Game.

If you use all of these games with your beginning students, they will probably learn rhythm note values very easily!


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I Can Write the Music Alphabet Worksheet

ICanWriteMusicAlphabetI Can Write the Music Alphabet

I love to make theory worksheets for my students! Just a little bit of color makes them so much more fun for students.

This worksheet is for beginning students who are learning the music alphabet. I made it with large, easy to read print for younger children. The larger print also makes it possible to use this on your iPad with older beginners who can write smaller. You will have to experiment because pre-children vary a lot in their ability to write on the iPad.

All my printables are free for personal use. In order to print, click on the picture or the link below the picture. That will take you to another page, where you will select “download”.

I am making a series of these larger worksheets for my younger students. I will post more as I have time. I hope you enjoy them!


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Thanksgiving Games and Worksheets

A few weeks ago I posted some Thanksgiving hymns and fun songs. I just realized I have never published a list of Thanksgiving material from my website.

I’ve only made one Thanksgiving Game, and I need to make some more for an upcoming group lesson. Below is a game my students loved last year. You can find the directions here. It’s very easy and fast, plus, it comes in 3 ability levels.

Save the Turkey Game, easiest version

For a slightly more difficult version of the same game, try  Save the Turkey Game, set two

There is a more advanced version of these cards, too. The only reason I call this intermediate level is because of the key signatures.  The more difficult key signatures can be removed to make this a much easier game.

Save the Turkey, early intermediate version

Next, here are some Thanksgiving worksheets from my website.

The next worksheet, Turkey Find the Notes, can be put in a sheet protector and used with a wet erase or a dry erase marker. That way you only have to print one copy and you can use it over and over. Also, this is big enough to use with your iPad or Kindle Fire.

Turkey Find the Notes (black and white)

Color the Feathers is a quick worksheet to review treble clef notes.

Color the Feathers

I also made a black and white version. This is good to use at a group lesson with the students who come early.

Color the Feathers (black and white)

I posted my revised version of Funny Thanksgiving Food a few weeks ago. Two versions are available, one in color like the example below, and one in black and white. I made the color version to be used with an iPad or Android tablet.

Funny Thanksgiving Food

I made the Turkey Egg Worksheet to help my beginners learn the alphabetical order of notes on the staff. Some of my younger students are amazed to learn that turkeys lay eggs!

Turkey Egg Worksheet

Thanksgiving Group Lessons

If you have ever wondered how to make sure everyone has the same amount of lessons the week of Thanksgiving without taking the entire week off, try having group lessons or a Christmas performance class on Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. It is too late to consider it this year, but you can put it on your calendar for next year.


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