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Easy Valentine Piano Music

Valentine Music_Revised

This post includes favorite beginning Valentine music currently on my website. You can find it on the Valentine music page here. 

Remember last year when I posted these links?  Well, as some of you know, I’ve been trying to revise all my pre-reading and primer level music to vertical (portrait) orientation, rather than horizontal (landscape). The reason I put this level in landscape in the first place is that there is more room for big notes. But it is so hard to use in a 3-ring binder! I’m determined to eventually remake all of my landscape scores!

Valentines Day PR  – pre-reading with finger numbers only, on the black keys.

Roses are Red – pre-reading with finger numbers only, on the black keys.

Chocolate Valentines Pre-reading version is played on the white keys using all the fingers.

Chocolate Valentines On the Staff  came about because one of my students saw the pre-reading version and asked me to make one for her on the staff. We made it longer by playing it several times, each time in a different octave.

Love Somebody, Yes I Do – Late Elementary (with 8th notes)

Love Somebody, Yes I Do – Primer Level (5-finger position on the staff)

Love Somebody, Yes I Do – Pre-reading

There’s a Little Wheel A-Turning in My Heart –  Early Intermediate (lots of hands together and some finger substitutions)





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Some Easy Valentine Music

Easy Valentine Piano Music

UPDATE: All the Valentine music can be found on the Valentine page.

Every year, right before Valentine’s Day, I try to remember to print out some quick sheet music for fun and sight reading. As many of you have told me, I’ve posted so much over the years that sometimes it is hard to find it all. Today’s post has links to most of the sheet music about Valentine’s Day that I’ve posted over the years. Of course I’ve concentrated on the younger students, so none of the sheets are longer than one page. There are two folk songs that are harder, an early level two, and one that is late level two. All of these have been posted before except for a brand new sheet for the first day of lessons, Valentine’s Day.

If you have a lot of students and want to save on printing costs, put these sheets in page protectors and loan them to students! After the holiday is over, students give them back to you for future use. Keep them in your binder so you can get to them easily when you want to use holiday music, with dividers for each holiday. You can use worksheets the same way, and students can even use dry eraser markers on the sheet protectors.

I would like to send a special thank you to those of you who so generously help with the expenses of this site. If it were not for you, this would not be possible!



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