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Last chance for Piano Camp VIP Bundle

Hurry! This bundle is only available until Tuesday, Nov. 28 at midnight Central.  

Piano Camp for Piano Teachers VIP Bundle

This will be the LAST CHANCE ever to grab the “2017 VIP Bundle:”  Sorting Out the Piano Classics bundled with Marvin Blickenstaff’s Piano Camp course for $247.00   After Nov. 28, the VIP Bundle and it’s discounted price will never be offered again. (That’s the price for the two courses together.)

It is ALSO the last chance to enroll in the complete “2017 Piano Camp for Piano Teachers with Marvin Blickenstaff.”  After Nov. 28, the group of 4 sessions will no longer be available for its bundled price of $147.  They will become separate courses at varied prices. Check out my post here to read about Marvin’s excellent sessions.

 Sorting Out the Piano Classics is still available for $157.00.

Budget-friendly monthly payment plans are available for all courses! 

This HOLIDAY PROMOTION will end on Tuesday, Nov. 28, at midnight Central.

If you have been considering taking these high quality piano pedagogy courses, sign up now and plan to watch them later when things aren’t so busy! You can sign in with your mobile device and listen as you travel over the holidays.

Sorting Out the Piano Classics is a high quality pedagogy class by the “teacher’s teacher” Elizabeth Gutierrez. If you are a little unsure about how to expand beyond method books and sequentially teach wonderful classical piano pieces students love to play, this course is for you.

Marvin Blickenstaff is one of the legends in piano pedagogy and you will learn so much about how to be an excellent piano teacher.

“He teaches in the most positive, encouraging, beautiful way. He tells a story, shares the history, paints a picture, evokes a feeling… so that by the time the student plays the piece again, it is utterly transformed. And so are we, the listeners. Marvin Blickenstaff is Magical. -Amy Barker, College Station, Tx.” 

Sign up before Nov. 28 at midnight!









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Piano Camp 2017 with Marvin Blickenstaff

Piano Camp 2017

Marvin Blickenstaff is one of the foremost experts in piano pedagogy today. He is such a gifted teacher and speaker, and he inspires others to greater heights in our own teaching. And he is always ready to share his knowledge with other teachers. Unfortunately only a small percentage of piano teachers have the opportunity to study with him or to attend one of his presentations.

He teaches in the most positive, encouraging, beautiful way. He tells a story, shares the history, paints a picture, evokes a feeling… so that by the time the student plays the piece again, it is utterly transformed. And so are we, the listeners. Marvin Blickenstaff is Magical. -Amy Barker, College Station, Tx. 

This year at Piano Camp in San Antonio, a small group of teachers was blessed with his presence. Many teachers want to hear inspiring teachers like Marvin, but do not have the opportunity.  This year the sessions were recorded, so it is as if we can all be there to learn and grow. Teachers from all over the world can experience what it is like to listen to one of our greatest living piano teaching experts. If you are ready to learn from a living legend, consider this course. Here is what a piano teacher said about Marvin Blickenstaff:

Read more on the Piano Camp Page.

This course is on sale until midnight, August. 31, 2017. Sept. 4, 2017. The investment for the Camp’s four sessions is only $127 (you can divide the payments up) and you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to these sessions and the handouts.

Topics in the Course

Warm-Ups? Who, Me? Technical Routines for All Ages – by Marvin Blickenstaff (90 minutes)

Performance Practice Made Easy: Rules of Thumb for the Student – by Marvin Blickenstaff (82 minutes)

The End is in the Beginning: Coaching a Piece to Performance – by Marvin Blickenstaff (65 minutes)

A Simple Step-by-Step Start to Major Scales, All Without a Book – by Elizabeth Gutierrez (47 minutes)

Video Preview

Scroll down at this link to watch a special preview of Marvin reflecting on his collboration with educational composer, Lynn Freeman Olson. (10 minutes)

VIP Bundle On Sale!

In addition to the 2017 Piano Camp being on sale, for a short time you can also buy this course bundled with Sorting Out the Piano Classics, a very comprehensive course by Elizabeth Gutierrez who teaches how and when to teach piano classics. You can get both courses at an excellent sales price until midnight, August 31. Sept. 4, 2017 Split payments are available.

Hurry! The sale price is good only until August 31, Sept. 4, midnight. 

Get Both Courses On Sale

Marvin Blickenstaff is known among piano teachers throughout the country for his teaching, lecturing, performing, and publishing. Currently he maintains a private studio in the Philadelphia area and teaches at The New School for Music Study in Princeton. In 2007 he was named Fellow of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He was honored in 2009 with MTNA’s highest award, the MTNA Achievement Award, and was selected in 2013 by the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy for its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Elizabeth Gutierrez has years of experience teaching piano, piano pedagogy, and piano literature to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has given numerous workshops and master classes to teachers around the globe and also as a national clinician for Faber Piano Adventures. For her workshops and online courses, she draws on her extensive background as an independent teacher, professor, performer, and composer/editor/author.









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Piano Play-Along With Elizabeth Gutierrez


Piano Play-Along

There is a wonderful new resource that Elizabeth Gutierrez has put on her blog, freely available to anyone who wants to take advantage of it.

It is a Piano Play-Along on her website Piano Camp for Piano Teachers. This wonderful resource will help us be better teachers by virtually working together on the same music.  If you have heard of an internet “sew-along”or “quilt-along,” well, this is the same thing, but for pianists. There are videos of children demonstrating on the piano, and lots of explanations and helpful hints to help your students play with artistry. I am very impressed at how well-done it is. It is like a high quality piano pedagogy class!

The music we are going to work on is Kabalevsky’s 24 Pieces for Children Op. 39. This is a collection of quality short pieces at the late elementary to early immediate level.

Now don’t dismiss this because you don’t like contemporary music or you think you don’t like Kabalevsky! Students love to play his music and can relate to it. I think every composer who writes for children at will say that Kabalevsky is an influence. And even if you don’t plan to give your students his music in the future, learning the secrets to playing it well will help with everything else your students play.

How many times have I heard students play the notes and steady beat correctly, and even some p’s and f’s, but the piece just isn’t there yet. It’s not polished; it’s not what the composer wants. But the teacher is not sure how to get the student to take it to the next level.

I always tell my students that learning classical music correctly is like what good jazz dancers do. The ones who study classical ballet are such better jazz dancers. They have more finesse and are technically better than the students who only study jazz and tap. The same is true of learning classical music.  Not only that, but Kabalevsky’s music makes sense and it is easy to understand. Every little piece teaches something, but it is still fun to play because of the way the music fits under the hands.

Because of copyright restrictions we don’t see too much of Kabalevsky in our method books, so this is a great way to learn about this wonderful master composer. You can take the ideas and apply them to your recital pieces or your method book music.

Even though I am really busy now, I went to my local music store and picked up a copy of the book and I’m going to be playing along. The fact that it is being offered as a free resource is just an amazing opportunity for teachers and even amateurs who want to learn more about how to play with artistry. On top of that, Hal Leonard has generously donated a prize that will go to some lucky participant.

If you want to get your students excited about Kabalevsky’s  music, go to YouTube and let them listen to Kabalevsky’s Gallop, such as this version. It’s short and fast, you can move and dance around to it, and it is something that no child can resist.

Elizabeth is truly a teacher’s teacher, and all you need to participate is the music and a piano! For a while this summer, let’s forget about policy sheets, tuition, how to get kids to practice, and just focus on playing the piano.

[Disclaimer: this review is my personal opinion and I was not compensated or solicited in any way. I am posting it because it is an excellent resource for pianists.]


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Come To Our Piano Workshop in Beautiful San Antonio!

Piano Camp Ad490x634

I am personally inviting you to sign up for the Piano Camp for Piano Teachers in San Antonio, Texas on June 27! I have prepared an all new session just for this workshop. I will present moving and floor activities that my students ask for again and again. I will also discuss useful piano teaching websites and my favorite music apps. We are going to demonstrate the moving activities so you can see them in action. Even if you don’t have an iPad, mobile tablet, or smart phone, your students probably have access to one, so I will project the apps on a screen so you can see how they work.

But that’s just a small part of the Piano Camp. There will be four 1.5 hour intensive sessions including question and answer time. The wonderful pianist-pedagogue-teacher-composer Elizabeth Gutierrez will have sessions on sight reading, teaching scales, and her selection of the best “easy, sounds hard” pieces. There is nothing better than a great piano solo to motivate your students. Come prepared to buy your fall piano music.

We are going to start off with coffee and breakfast snacks. Lunch is included! There will be many door prizes from your favorite publishers.

Here is a special offer for my readers who attend the workshop. After you’ve registered for the Piano Camp for Piano Teachers, email me by June 18 with the name of any PDF printable game that I have created and posted on my website.  I will print out the game board and laminate it. If there are cards to go along with the game, I will print them, cut them out, and give the material to you at the camp.

You can find out how to sign up at this link.  There is a special price for college students. The Piano Camp is now taking PayPal so register today so you won’t forget to email me with the game you want!


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