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Valentine Activities

It’s not too late to play a Valentine music game or play some Valentine music.  All of the material in this post are listed here on my page of free Valentine activities.

If you have middle or high school group lessons or a Valentine’s Day party, try this really fun Valentine game, Steal A Heart. I remade it a few years ago so that it is ink friendly. My teens love this game. Ledger line notes are included, but you don’t have to use them.

Valentine Board Game

Valentine Card Rhythm Hunt is a fast game you can play with beginners who are learning rhythm. I’ve made this game for every holiday, so if you don’t get to play it now, check out the other versions.

Valentine Card Rhythm Hunt

There is a 4 page (folded) Valentine’s card with a note story and a sudoku rhythm game. This makes a nice card to give students the week of February 14.

If you want to see more Valentine music activities, check out my Valentine page! There are links to some Valentine music, too.

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Valentine “Card” Hunt

Valentine Card Rhythm Hunt

Valentine Card Rhythm Hunt

It’s Valentine’s Week, and if you’re looking for a last-minute quick and easy activity for young students, here is a Valentine’s Day game  you still have time to print  and use today! There is not much planning, the rules are simple, and all you need is a few minutes to cut out the cards . This activity is a re-post from January in case you are a new reader, or didn’t see it the first time I posted it, and I’m posting it here today as a reminder.  If you are a parent, this a fun game to play with your children to introduce rhythm names.

Click on the link under the picture above. Print the pages on sturdy card stock and cut them out. Do not laminate the cards. Fold in the middle so the heart is on one side and the notes on the other. (Cardstock is easier to fold if you score it lightly using a ruler and a dull point, such as a dull butter knife. Leave a comment if you need more directions.) After folding, the cards sit up like a tent. Hide them around the room with the Valentine heart facing out. Do not hide too well, or students will not find them and next Christmas you will still be finding Valentine cards in little hidey-holes in your studio!


Tell your student that you have hidden little Valentine “cards” all over the room. The cards have different rhythm values on the back. The student’s job is to find and collect the ones with half notes (or whatever note you want to work on) as fast as possible.  Depending on how much time you have, you can play again, collecting different rhythms.

This is also an excellent activity to introduce a new rhythm to beginning students.


  • To quickly learn to recognize rhythm note names
  • To learn that stems can go up or down
  • To introduce rhythm names to beginners
  • To play a fast (under 3 minutes) Valentine’s Day game


  • Early childhood to grade 2 or 3

This is a variation of a game idea from Cecilly called Quarter Note Hunt, and it has been a long time favorite in my studio.


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Valentine Rhythm Hunt


 Valentine Card Rhythm Hunt

Valentine Card Rhythm Hunt

I made this last year, using a Valentine variation of the Quarter Note Hunt.  All of my younger students played it at their private lesson the week of Valentine’s. They liked it so much we also played it at our performance class.

Students should be familiar with the rhythm names of notes. If they are beginners and are not secure in the names yet, use the game as a way to teach rhythm identification. It is a fast way to learn the names of notes.


  • review rhythm note names by sight
  • quickly identify rhythms under pressure
  • play a fun, seasonal game in less than 3 minutes


  • Younger children, ages 5-8

Materials Needed

  • Printed Valentine rhythm cards, cut and folded, but not laminated
  • stop watch or mobile phone timer


Print and cut out these Valentine rhythm cards and fold to make a tent card. Before your student arrives, place the cards around the room with the heart side facing out. Call out a rhythm value, such as “quarter note,” and start the timer. Have your student quickly find all the notes of that value. If you have time, your students can hunt for other note values. Depending on the age of the students, don’t hide them too carefully or they will not be able to find them! It is so much fun to watch them quickly run around the room looking for notes!

Children love this game. It can be used at an individual lesson or with a group.


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Roses Are Red – a Pre-reading Valentine

Roses Are Red Pre-reading

Roses Are Red Pre-reading

I have a new little student who just started lessons using the unique and very creative piano method book, My First Piano Adventures, by Nancy and Randall Faber. This wonderful series is has everything you need for young beginners, but I like to make extra material to go along with the book, just for fun or review.

My student was so excited when I asked her if she would like a Valentine’s song! When I checked out my resources, I could not find a Valentine’s piece that was easy enough, so I came up with a Valentine she can play.

If you like using this kind of material for young beginners, get a copy of My First Piano Adventures Book A and study it carefully!


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