UK cards for Rhythm Round About

My students love Rhythm Round About. It is fast, and doesn’t take up very much time in the lesson.

Rhythm Round About Game Board

Until today I didn’t have a version of the cards for those of you in the UK who use those quaint rhythm terms that always seem such a mystery to those of us in the U.S.,  such as semi-demi-hemi-mini-quaver. (That’s a joke!) I made these cards to fit business card cardstock, but if your paper is a different size, (such as A4) you might need to draw lines and cut it out.  Don’t forget I made some colorful backs below that you can print out. This photo was a prototype, so the final version looks a little different.

UK Rhythm Round About Cards

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6 Responses to UK cards for Rhythm Round About

  1. Joanne Gorney

    Hi Susan, it looks like the file for the UK terms no longer exist on the website. Could the link have changed, perhaps?

    • Susan Paradis

      Thanks for letting me know, Joanne, and I fixed the link.

      I have been updating my website and it is so easy to miss things like this. I have many years of posts and I don’t think I will ever be able to update them all, so I really depend on teachers like you telling me about the broken links!

      • Thank you! I love all your work, by the way. Thank you so much for all you do! I especially appreciate the UK versions of the theory. It’s not easy to find those here in the States, so a huge THANK YOU!!

  2. Maria Hanley

    Thank you so much! I can def. use this as we love our crotchet/minims words over here. You are very creative and a great inspiration to me!
    Many thanks from Northern Ireland.UK

  3. Susan,
    We in Canada use the same names as you do. No minims, crochets here!